Thursday, January 8, 2009

dino party!

So, this is Ernesto, the Tyrannosaur. He's a vegetarian, though, otherwise his friend Burt wouldn't be... his friend. Yes.

In other news, I started a new sketchbook, and it's going pretty well. I have some figure drawings, and some collage-y stuffs in it so far. Might go sketching this weekend, too, so I'll post that stuff next week when I can.

Oh, and because I didn't put this in the last post, here's some New Year's Resolutions:

-Be nicer
-Be more patient
-Be more social.
-Memorize some maps of LA so I don't have to google everything, I can just know.
-Go to a concert. The Aquabats was awesome, I have to get out more.
-Draw more.
-Do a project in After Effects so I don't completely lose those skills.
-Take more photos.

Other than that, I'm gonna try to update this twice a week or so. Hope everyone is doing well in blog-land.


Cateris said...

It looks like summer in those pictures. You're not cheating, are you? ;) Just kidding.

You have your quiet moments.. like when you're plotting to kill people, or sleeping. :D

Sarah Watts said...