Thursday, December 30, 2010

we'll always have paris, and this sketchbook

So here I am, updating! Two days in a row! I promise I'll update more in 2011, although I think I did alright this year.

Here's my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project, in all it's almost-done glory!

The Cover

Page 1 - Giraffes Don't Make Good Pets

Spread 1 - Battle for Los Angeles

Spread 2- That Gape is Reversible

Spread 3- Her Stuff Don't Stink

Spread 4- The Cat's Meow

Spread 5- Don't Take Good Vibes, Little Bear

Spread 6- Girl is a Black Bear Skull

Spread 7- Make Some Noise

Spread 8- Please, Girl.

Spread 9- Unexpected Payment for Clean Dishes

Spread 10- LUKE, I'm Not Your Father

The later spreads are still in limbo, which you can probably tell, but it's nearly there! (Or it better be, since it's due in two weeks!) Til then, adieu!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

evolution of a sketchbook Part 1

I've been working pretty steady on my book for The Sketchbook Project, so hooray! Sketchbooks, even though I keep like, at least 2-3 at any one time, are pretty difficult for me to be fully done with. I usually have to just do the last page, shut it, and put it away, otherwise I will noodle the hell out of it for the rest of eternity.

I've had this sketchbook for a few months now, and decided to post some of the old versions with their new re-worked versions below them, so you could see a little bit of how I'm constantly going back into pages. Sometimes it's just another scrap of paper, another bit of color, another piece of tape, and then I can finally let it go.

I will post all the spreads I have done so far (there's like 10 or twelve) tomorrow. Only 5 pages left!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

2010 Year in Review

Hi all-

So, work! A lot of you have been wondering what I've been up to at the ole JibJab, so I thought I would post some of my additions to the 2010 Year in Review. These are always fun, because the last two years we've been doing them in a more handmade style, rather than purely digital, or live action, like most of our content.

For the most part, I created whatever the animators needed extra help with in the sewing department- everything from puppet hands (I think there's only one or two in the entire short I didn't end up making) to Oval Office curtains to American and Gay Pride flags, to a TON of finger puppets and just random little dudes to fill up background scenes. I also helped paint and puppeteer some of the smaller scenes. Lots of it goes by very fast, but I grabbed some of my scenes below.

It was especially fun getting to work with Justin again, as he did most of the concept and visual development we ended up using for the puppets and backgrounds.

Here's some shots from the short of my puppets.

This is the American flag I was asked to make. It actually has all 13 stripes and all 50 stars. WOOT. AMERI-CUH! I also sewed a gay pride flag (twice) and it was RIDICULOUSLY hard to make. You would think 6 stripes would be easier, but no. No sir. You would be wrong. The puppets in this scene were created by Romney.

This is a background that actually got cut from the final, but it's the Oval Office I helped make curtains for.

Evan also did a behind-the-scenes blog, so you can see some of the concept and better shots of my work right here, and check out allllll the content right here.

Other than that, I've been playing lots of Wii and trying to finish up my book for the Sketchbook Project. It's due in about 2 weeks, and I only have 4 pages left! Woo! So, with that, I bid you adieu and Merry Christmas! (And since this is likely my last post of 2010, let's throw a Happy New Year in there, too!)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

moar polaroids that arent polaroids

The word polaroid is really like the word bandaid. It's an instant photograph/adhesive bandage, but we know it best by its brand name. Anyway, on with the show. Took a whole slew of pictures over the weekend, so here ya go, all... right in a group-style.

I went hiking with friends in Arcadia (waterfall, mountains), and took pictures of the puppy-slug hybrides (seals) in La Jolla. Beautiful place, La Jolla. Dr. Suess lived there, they even have trees that look like his truffula trees from the Lorax. There's also pictures of me that Justin took, and the start of a portrait project I'm working on. The idea is that people will have their picture taken making a face that they think is them. Uniquely them. Justin & Oliver were tests to see what lighting and distances work best.

Anywho, more pictures soon!