Friday, October 30, 2009

Pre-Halloween 2009

We missed our weekly wagon due to Internet Issues on Wednesday (aka the Worst Day Ever) so Corey brought around the wagon today, with pumpkins! Justin went all out.

Dave gave Justin's a little hat. Very festive.

Mike made a Marx brother. I forget which one exactly... Groucho?

Here's Justin's and I's together. I made Oliver. You can see I added his big ole butt on the back.

Here's all the pumpkins, and a close-up of Amia's.

And good times were had by all!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dolores Grimsby

My newest Deer Girl. I'm currently working on a country style bunny girl. I have a show this Sunday, Nov. 1st, at the CAMP in Costa Mesa, so if you can make it out, please do. My table is 8, and it's indoors, so no sunburns or rain!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Plush designs

Two new plush doll designs!

A victorian-inspired Bunny Girl.

The Deer Girl I'm working on currently.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

bloggity blog banner

Check it out, new banner and everything! The old one was nice, but I thought it was time to start having a cohesive brand for the plush parade. My business cards and Etsy have this design going, so why not have the portal blog match?

Oh, and coming to you from TatPar Productions, a new side project Justin and I have started working on (it's in the development stage now.) If you think of The Omen, Children of the Corn, and Eight Legged Freaks, plus babies who have freakish red hair, you have a pretty good idea of the plot. Here's the movie poster rough, a collab between Parps and myself.

Oh, and I'll be at the Handmade Brigade November 1st, Booth 8, at the CAMP in Costa Mesa. I'm indoors this time, so rain or shine, you should come say hello! I'll have some new products- needle-felted friends and deer/bunny girls for sale.

Friday, October 16, 2009


For you! I love Liz Lemon. She's the funny, awkward girl in all of us.
If you don't watch 30 Rock... WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?

I might change Oliver's costume to MeatCat.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

PlushYou online/ 200th post!

Me and Frank the Bigfoot at the show. In the top left, you can see the plush I purchased! He has antlers!

So, my pieces for the PlushYou! show are available online, in case you'd like to purchase one of them. Geoff the Giant Squid and Frank the Bigfoot! They don't have any info up on the site, but they're both made of felt, hand-sewn by me, and stuffed with polyful. The squid is gi-normous, at 3 feet long, and the Bigfoot is a around 18 inches tall.

I'll also be making some more deer girls (and bunny/cat/fox girls) over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. (Or just open, because peeled is something you do to a banana, not so much your eyeballs.)

Oh, and we're off to APE tomorrow! I'll be hanging around the Goblin-Fish Press table, in case ya wanna seeeee me.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

seattle, ape, and indieparade!

Back from Seattle, and getting ready for APE this weekend, where Justin has a table again.

The plush show (PlushYou!) went great, and visiting Dan & Ada was fantastic! They have three great dogs, and three great chickens (I wish I'd taken some photos of their chickens, so cute!), and it was just amazing. Seattle is a super fun city, with lots to do. If you ever get the chance to visit, do it!

One of my owls, Bosco, also got featured over at, so that was a sweet thing to come back to, also! (Other than my car being rammed into. Ugh.)

Anyway, here's some of our faves from the trip!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

halloween at JibJab + seattle updates

This one is from last year, one of my all-time favorites- I worked with Justin on it. The other four are from this year, I also did all the Monster Mash postables- with backgrounds provided by Justin- they were just flipped Live this morning, so check them out!

In other news, I travel on up to Seattle this Friday for the PlushYou! opening. I've never visited the city, so it should be a really good time. I just hope it's not too cold. I've also fully moved into the new apartment, so I'm arranging up my work space and everything. It's coming along nicely, if I do say so myself. I'll post some pictures once it looks respectable enough. I'm also working on some new plush, some commissions, and some new forest girl art dolls. I want to make a fox girl pretty badly, I think the tail would be magnificent.

Anyway, I'll update soon with lots of pictures and things! Oh, and thank you all for the kind words about Drawn! The response was outstanding, really. Thank you!