Thursday, September 27, 2007

soggy style

I'm working on an identity system for my plushies right now, so here's some progress. Soon there should be packaging, and perhaps the roughs of a catalog. We shall see.

And now, the reject names:
The Cuddle Connection -too cutesy for monsters
The Plush Plantation -too racist for plushies
Plush Play -this one just didn't work for me
Monster Observatory -based off our fake metal band, White Skull Observatory. Y'know, for the kids.

As far as classwork goes, we're doing a team project rebranding Southwest Airlines. Should be pretty cool.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


This is part of the Lumps series. They originally didn't have mustaches and eyebrows, but after some experiments this summer with both fake mustaches and eyebrows, I felt it was necessary for them. It's amazing what you can show with just eyebrows, emotion-wise.

This is Frank. He's my first modified Widget- hence the wings. He visited the Computer Animation labs recently, so he's very high tech.

Noob, the three-eyed... rabbit-dog. Hubert the Accountant is below.

Got an offer at the Bob Evans this morning from our server to buy one of these guys. She said her dog would love them. I think I might make a special one for her with more chew-resistant fabric. I wouldn't want her dog to choke on poly fill.

This is my first widget, dubbed, of course, Widget. I made him and Blug last year (dark pink), and they lived in Jessica's closet all summer. Now they have lots of friends.

Taddy. He's Ben's choice of widget. I really love his ears, and he's awesomely soft. Sorry the photo is kinda blurry. :P

My sand trooper riding a dinosaur I made awhile ago. A nice shot of our messy studio.

Twins! This is Blug and Slug. I originally made Blug to go with my first Widget.

The emo widget wouldn't take a picture without Blug and Slug for some reason. Mr. Emo hasn't been named yet.

I've had a lot of down-time lately, between making logos for class and freelance and shooting weird videos. Hopefully this keeps up so I can continue making plushies. I plan on designing some packaging for them and incorporating them into my portfolio.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

logos out the wah-zoo

Here's my 'personal' Ringling logo. Labs are closing, otherwise I'd post more.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

dead presidents/ the bear is driving

Here's some stuff from the sketchbook. Lincoln is colored a la` Photoshop. Other than that, I have a killer headache today.