Thursday, October 14, 2010

well, how are things on the west coast?

Some of my sketchbook pages so far for the Sketchbook Project. I have a few, uh, 2, months left to finish it. Only 50+ pages to go, ha ha ha... ha. Then again, it is MY sketchbook, so I can do whatever I want with it. Ultimate power, you are mine!

This last one is in progress. I tend to go back and forth and back and forth multiple times with pages like these until they have everything I want them to have. Sometimes its just one more dash of color, or a lyric, or a word, or doodle, and BAM! DONE! I'm still wavering on the cover as well, since it doesn't say everything I want it to yet.

In other news, I have a show in Carlsbad next month, the second Queen Bee Market, and I have lots to complete for it. Some new products, some new plush... it's all very exciting. If you're out that way November 12/13, you should come by, say hello... slap me a high five like we're old friends.

Because blog-friend, we are old friends. The oldest, in fact. Especially in internet time. It's like magic.

Speaking of magic, anybody see that Owl movie? We did, and it's rad. Like, Clock of Bad rad. So bad it's rad. You know? But seriously, there's worse things you could spend your money on. (Like hookers and blow, if this were the 80's.)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

post-it figure drawing

I did some figure drawing on post-its today, because they're colorful and the only paper I had on hand at the time. These are all 30 second poses.