Thursday, July 24, 2008


Something from the sketchbook, with photoshop colors. I'll update with my sketchbooky stuff soon, I just don't have the interwebs at home yet and I am uber busy at work most of the time.

Monday, July 7, 2008

movie mania!

If this isn't cause for celebration, then I don't know what is: TWO Brenden Fraser movies are coming out this summer, WITHIN A MONTH OF EACH OTHER. And one is in 3-D! And the other is part of the Mummy franchise!

Also, on Hollywood Blvd there is the biggest Wall-E I have ever seen- must be like 20 feet tall. Holy crap. That movie was so good/cute/amazing/heartwarming x 20. And Hellboy 2 is coming out! July is the month for awesome movies!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

a family gathering is never complete without cake!

My week-early birthday party at my grandma's with nearly all my fams (minus Aunt Linda who had a class to attend.) I tried my bst to ruin as many serious shots as I could.

My cousin Tyler is the coolest kid on Earth. My other cousins do not find us as funny as they should. :P Eh, awkward teenage years. Whatev.

Ben looking all serious and stuff. EXTREME CLOSE-UP.

Chancey-Pants! The best dog in the world!

My cake! Chocolate and tasty with orange flowers and gobs of icing.

Good times. :)

I'll update the rest of the trip when we get to another hotel with wi-fiiii.

georgia to indiana, the travel-log

Georgia and the most ridiculous traffic ever. Followed by Tennessee's equally craptastic traffic (but lovely views) and Kentucky's bible thumping tiger-striped dinosaurs. YEAH!

Yeah, people are getting out of the cars to see what's going on. I just turned the car off. We were not going to move for awhile.

And that would be the reason why we were completely stopped for 45 minutes. 4 workers were having a chat.

Some photos of Tennessee, including the stupid traffic in Nashville (but at least it was because of a crash, not because some yellow jacketed d-bags were being Chatty Cathy's.

Our Dinosaur World between Orlando and SRQ has a SISTER world in Kentucky along I-65, whoo hoo! Look at that realistic paint job! There were also some wholly mammoths cresting in the background that we didn't catch in time. (Do mammoths crest? Can they crest? Maybe they roam. I don't know.)

Our sole picture of Indiana before it got dark and started to rain like a mother-F.

And the cutest cat in the world! Oliver! He sat on his little pouf for ...21 hours, just sleeping and watching the scenery. He had never left the house before, other than to go to PetSmart a few times, so this has been an experience for him (and us.)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

st. louis and the crammed organisms show!

[hi.] We're on the road to California and we got to stop in beautiful St. Louis and see the last leg of the crammed organisms show at APOP records. Lots of the plushies had been sold, but I got to see the unicorn I'd made for the show that got posted last Friday. I also bought a really cute one- a fuzzy skeleton dragon I re-named Bone-regard.


The show was crazy awesome, and I can't wait to get my copy of the book. I thought that just my cupcake girl was on the cover, but Jason (KillTaupe) added Aldous too! Mustaches and monocles for all! I'll post a picture of the book when I get it in the mail.

We took a TON of pictures from Georgia to our current location (northern Texas) so those'll be up soonishly. 2 more days til L.A.!