Wednesday, July 2, 2008

a family gathering is never complete without cake!

My week-early birthday party at my grandma's with nearly all my fams (minus Aunt Linda who had a class to attend.) I tried my bst to ruin as many serious shots as I could.

My cousin Tyler is the coolest kid on Earth. My other cousins do not find us as funny as they should. :P Eh, awkward teenage years. Whatev.

Ben looking all serious and stuff. EXTREME CLOSE-UP.

Chancey-Pants! The best dog in the world!

My cake! Chocolate and tasty with orange flowers and gobs of icing.

Good times. :)

I'll update the rest of the trip when we get to another hotel with wi-fiiii.


Kelly f said...

Aww!! I'm glad you had an awesome b-day! Sorry I couldn't wish you one earlier, but I was flying overseas! I'm in Germany.. finally!

Flying overseas is rough, but you are well aware... I just got here too! You are the first person other than my mom that I'm telling that I'm here!

I took a long nap and now my sister is gonna make tacos! XDDD

Have safe travels.. seriously... and I'm glad everything is going so well.

Cateris said...

Hey you, I called you on your birthday but I got sent straight to a voicemail.
Just incase your phone is messed up, happy late birthday.
Hopefully I'll end up in Cali and get to see ya soon.