Monday, July 7, 2008

movie mania!

If this isn't cause for celebration, then I don't know what is: TWO Brenden Fraser movies are coming out this summer, WITHIN A MONTH OF EACH OTHER. And one is in 3-D! And the other is part of the Mummy franchise!

Also, on Hollywood Blvd there is the biggest Wall-E I have ever seen- must be like 20 feet tall. Holy crap. That movie was so good/cute/amazing/heartwarming x 20. And Hellboy 2 is coming out! July is the month for awesome movies!!


sarah watts said...

Happy Belated Birthday, I'm such a douche. Will you send me your new address so I can send you somfing? Also about the movies! I can't wait for Hellboy and Batman! Yay! Hope you are enjoying California sun.

Jessica Lozano said...

i actually really want to see journey to the center of the earth in 3d...mummy 3, not so much.

sarah watts said...

That sounds good, just let me know when you're settled. And Yes, PluShiEs! You rock those little monsters. I have a site to show you for inspiration when I find it again! Also thanks for the comment on SarahSquared:)