Saturday, June 30, 2007

cheese belts

Heres some belts I decided to design randomly today while Ben was doing freelance. I also picked up a pimp old lady hat at the flea market for 2 francs. Other than that, just drawing a lot and getting real excited about Rome in a few days. On Monday we're visiting some other swiss city (Lausanne), and then Thursday we're flying to Rome (that also happens to be my 22nd birthday.)

Also, since Ben is probably the coolest person/boyfriend in the world, he's getting me some Jay Ryan posters for mah birfday to put up in the studio next year. I cannot convey to you in words how excited I am about this. (The best part of gift giving when you live together is you get to enjoy the gift, too. Muwhahaha.)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

spiral sketchbook dump & new friends

Two spreads from my spiral sketchbook (summer07) and half of one of those photobooth four-banger pictures Ben & I took today. We made fake mustaches... we're going back in a few days to make a hat one. (You can check the one from a few days ago on my facebook.) The booth is the oldest one in the area and takes the best pictures because its like 20 years old- they're all overexposed and, as Ben's mom put it, 'Practically art already.'

One illustrator file, and three pen sketches from my new sketchbook (seems I always have a new sketchbook...) The first bit folds out, then the other two b&w's fold inside of it. They're based off my widget plushies I was making at the end of the semester. Hopefully I can make a bunch with packaging to put in my portfolio or sell at ArtVenture (which I realized the other day, we STILL haven't gotten paid for... gah!!)

Oh, yes. and last week we hit 4 huge art shows in 4 days, so here's some sweet artists that I have been hearting lately:

Stephane Tartelin
Yuko Shimizu
Stephen Crowhurst
Lance Sells

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

speak up and stop mumbling

Two more versions of the YOUNGBLOOD postcard- one with "techno" and one with classic Frutiger. The frutiger version ended up being the final used, along with more simplified type content. It's a printed postcard and also a run of A3 posters, so that's pretty sweet. I have the press sheet from the print run up in my room.

I've been drawing quite a bit lately in two different sketchbooks, so I'll upload some of that soon I'm thinking. We have CS3 here, too, so I've been working in flash and photoshop more than usual as well.

"Somebody needs to tell 'em they can't do it like I can."

Thursday, June 7, 2007

posters and double published

A random poster I made in my spare time, and one of the first ideas thrown around for the Youngblood project I'm working on now. The final looks tons different, and its being printed today, actually- but I'm rather fond of this one, so here it is. I'm probably going to use it in my portfolio anyway, even though it didnt get printed- maybe as an alternate version since its so different from the one used.

Oh yeah, and I got published- check it! One of my previous instructors published some of my grid system work in her book, here's a link.