Tuesday, March 22, 2011

here fishy fishy fishy

A few weekends back we went to the Long Beach Aquarium again, and it was utterly fantastic, again! These are pictures I took with the Toy Camera app I have on my iPhone. Despite all the children and people talking about "how tasty that _________ looks" (we wondered if they say these things at the zoo, too... does that koala look yummy?) the aquarium is very relaxed. It reminds me very much of going to Jungle Gardens back at school and drawing the animals. It also makes me miss Ringling quite a bit.

Anywho. Good luck to those of you in school and thesis-ing. It's that final push that's the toughest, because you have to worry about the future while trying to focus on the present, but you all can do it!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

you can all just kiss off into the air

Well, I got really into the Violent Femmes [again] lately, sooooooo here's some stuff. It feels nice to bum around in my favorite color palette for a little while. If I find/make the time, I'm going to do a kinetic type piece for this, because those are fun. So you can consider these, uh, storyboards, I guess. :]