Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So, long time, no post. I wish I could say I was busy, but I really just forgot my blog existed for a bit there. But I have been drawing a bit. We got a great group of interns this year at the old JJ, and it reminds me of the best parts of Ringling, i.e. drawing all the time. Thursdays are even reserved for cafe sketching down the street. It's grand.

This, however, is from one of our wednesday in-house figure drawing sessions. I colored it digitally in photoshop. I'll also try to be more diligent about posting things here. *nods*

IN OTHER NEWS. The San Diego Comic Con starts TOMORROW and Justin and I will be there with bells on! Not really. I mean, we will, but not with the bells. Monsters. We will have monster shirts on. But yes, BOOTH 2206, right near the super huge DC Comics Pavilion. It's massive, right in the middle of the convention center floor, you really can't miss it. He's selling lots of cool prints and shirts and things, and I'll have monsters for sale like this guy!

So, with that enticing bit of self-promotion all over, uh... I guess I have nothing else to say! COME VISIT ME/US. :D