Friday, January 30, 2009

hiya tree

Possible new project in the works, what?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Valentine's Day

So here's what I've been working on the last.... 2 months or so... keep in mind this is just a small sampling, I also made tons of stuff that's not programmed onto the site yet, and stuff that never got launched. Le sigh. Most of the taglines are from our writers, but I did get to write some Forget-Me-Nots, and the one about Candy Hearts is mine.

Oooh, and lucky me! I got to work on ALL the Chippendales postables. Hoo-ray. Isn't that just... too much man-meat to handle? Gah. And nearly three thousand people have sent it already...

So, anyway, JibJab's site got redesigned (again) and now it has a make counter (kinda like YouTube, only imagine it only counts if you send the video to someone or put your face on it, not just view it) so I've been pretty obsessed with that. It's pretty cool seeing how many people think your work is worth sending to someone else, or putting their head on.

And, I'll post some sweet V-day plush stuff for the store soon. Promise.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Lilybot the Lady Bot

Lilybot is the lady friend of Raydon I was blah-blahing about a few days ago. I might make them a little baby bot in the form of a keychain, but I seem to have more ideas than I have time in which to make them all, so.. we'll see. I also have some fish done for Dave's commission, so I'll post those next week (beautiful white goldfish, oooohhh ahhhhhh.)

Oh, I'll be adding some Valetine-y content to the store in the next few days. And because Valentine's Day is just around the corner (well, if you're a planner like me, it is) I'll be running a special.

Free shipping on all U.S. packages, if you enter the code "YAY FOR HEARTS AND STUFF" in the 'message to the seller' when you purchase a plush. Plus there might be some V-Day related goodies in your package, as well.

So yeah, good times for all.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

obligatory random sketch post

So, we did SketchCrawl about... 2 or 3 weekends ago, and the LA group decided to roll over to Glendale to check out the Americana at Brand. It's basically an outdoor mall that's recreated to look like a main street during the Industrial Revolution (if you lived in the rich part, of course.) These are the wonky drawings I did whilst there. The poor quality is due to my scanner hating anything thats not perfectly flat, and the fact that the fountain went off while I was drawing... onto my sketchbook.

Good times.

Last Saturday Senor Parpan and I hit up Disney (we got annual passes, you is so jealous.) Now, Disneyland is fantastic. No complaints. But DCA... well... It's basically Disneyland's smelly cousin that just tags along. But we did go to the Animation Academy, and learned how to draw Goofy. Here's mine. Note the A+++ I received (from Justin, shh) on my love-sick Goofy, and the fantastic construction lines.

There's also a 3-D zoetrope of Toy Story 2 characters in the building, and it's AMAZING. You really cannot stop staring at it. So if you have lots of free time/money to burn, check out Disney's California Adventure for Tower of Terror, the roller coaster, and the Animation Academy. Everything else is kinda lame. Although, I might go there to draw sometime, since the architecture is really cool (it's basically all shops and places to eat.)

Monday, January 19, 2009

beep boop

I'm steadily updating the store with Valentine's Day stuffs. This is Raydon, a red robot plush. I made a sweet pink lady 'bot, too, that'll go up in the next few days. I've kinda got a lot on my plate lately, lots of ideas and commissions to do, but I'll post some Valentine's content I worked on from JibJab soon, and some other plush collabs I'm working on with Justin.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

breakfast of champions

So, two things I can't seem to get enough of- fuzzy animals with even fuzzier facial hair, and structural tone-on-tone plush. I might start working on a new series that have faux fur as beards... I dunno, it's a thought. Here's some new work to make you totally jealous of mah skillz. Special thanks to Justin, for being a Tiki connoisseur.

In other news, I have some commissions to start rocking out pretty soon, so that's a pretty awesome start to the new year, no? Look forward to goldfish, some pufferfish, and a pan-da. I'm also working on some other goodies, mostly things that go into packages when you order plush-type things from me. 'Til next time.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

dino party!

So, this is Ernesto, the Tyrannosaur. He's a vegetarian, though, otherwise his friend Burt wouldn't be... his friend. Yes.

In other news, I started a new sketchbook, and it's going pretty well. I have some figure drawings, and some collage-y stuffs in it so far. Might go sketching this weekend, too, so I'll post that stuff next week when I can.

Oh, and because I didn't put this in the last post, here's some New Year's Resolutions:

-Be nicer
-Be more patient
-Be more social.
-Memorize some maps of LA so I don't have to google everything, I can just know.
-Go to a concert. The Aquabats was awesome, I have to get out more.
-Draw more.
-Do a project in After Effects so I don't completely lose those skills.
-Take more photos.

Other than that, I'm gonna try to update this twice a week or so. Hope everyone is doing well in blog-land.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

3:31 PM

This is Burt the Stegosaurus. He likes to munch grass and drink milkshakes.

I'm working on making some new free-standing plush creatures. For now, mostly of the dinosaur variety. More updates on that soon. Oh yeah, and I never got the chance to finish my holiday card, and now it's like waaay too late to do it, so I'll probably send out a nice "whenever" card sometime soon. Sorry!

Happy New Year everyone!