Wednesday, January 21, 2009

obligatory random sketch post

So, we did SketchCrawl about... 2 or 3 weekends ago, and the LA group decided to roll over to Glendale to check out the Americana at Brand. It's basically an outdoor mall that's recreated to look like a main street during the Industrial Revolution (if you lived in the rich part, of course.) These are the wonky drawings I did whilst there. The poor quality is due to my scanner hating anything thats not perfectly flat, and the fact that the fountain went off while I was drawing... onto my sketchbook.

Good times.

Last Saturday Senor Parpan and I hit up Disney (we got annual passes, you is so jealous.) Now, Disneyland is fantastic. No complaints. But DCA... well... It's basically Disneyland's smelly cousin that just tags along. But we did go to the Animation Academy, and learned how to draw Goofy. Here's mine. Note the A+++ I received (from Justin, shh) on my love-sick Goofy, and the fantastic construction lines.

There's also a 3-D zoetrope of Toy Story 2 characters in the building, and it's AMAZING. You really cannot stop staring at it. So if you have lots of free time/money to burn, check out Disney's California Adventure for Tower of Terror, the roller coaster, and the Animation Academy. Everything else is kinda lame. Although, I might go there to draw sometime, since the architecture is really cool (it's basically all shops and places to eat.)

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Watts said...

I love that clock pole drawing up there!! You are awesome.....