Tuesday, January 13, 2009

breakfast of champions

So, two things I can't seem to get enough of- fuzzy animals with even fuzzier facial hair, and structural tone-on-tone plush. I might start working on a new series that have faux fur as beards... I dunno, it's a thought. Here's some new work to make you totally jealous of mah skillz. Special thanks to Justin, for being a Tiki connoisseur.

In other news, I have some commissions to start rocking out pretty soon, so that's a pretty awesome start to the new year, no? Look forward to goldfish, some pufferfish, and a pan-da. I'm also working on some other goodies, mostly things that go into packages when you order plush-type things from me. 'Til next time.



emcguire said...

Awesome, I especially like the tiki mask one :] You should do more masks

DIGITAL kid said...


Emily Dove Gross said...

I love them!! I saw you on etsy and thought I recognized your work :)

Rob said...