Saturday, January 3, 2009

3:31 PM

This is Burt the Stegosaurus. He likes to munch grass and drink milkshakes.

I'm working on making some new free-standing plush creatures. For now, mostly of the dinosaur variety. More updates on that soon. Oh yeah, and I never got the chance to finish my holiday card, and now it's like waaay too late to do it, so I'll probably send out a nice "whenever" card sometime soon. Sorry!

Happy New Year everyone!


mclean said...

Burt looks like a cool dude.

Yeah I'm up in Baltimore right now, bein a concept artist for Big Huge Games under THQ, so im a happy camper for the time being! Thanks for askin. Are you on the job-hunt yourself, or have you come across something stable for now?

mclean said...

eh, design with type or design with drawn lines. Thereare a lot of specific differences, sure, but just as many broad similarities. The Big-Huge position is an in-house contract position for now, until i more or less prove my worth to them. I think its a standard thing for them when taking on people with no prior industry experience. I cant blame them. Ive been here for about 2 months now.

Glad to hear JibJab is working out so well, hope you get to post some of yo work stff sometime soon.

a.h. marie said...

oh snaps... free standing plushies!! Makes me want to have a whole town of em' so I can play with them and stuff... :)

Sarah Watts said...

Reminded me of you