Monday, December 29, 2008

christmas plush

So, these were those christmas presents I was totally bragging about awhile ago. Since it is now post-xmas, I can post them. The first one is a happy spray paint can for Justin's youngest brother, Alyx. (He does a lot of work with spray paint.) The second is a cat plush based off an awesome character his other brother, Josh, created. The last, of course, is for Justin, as it's his lonely dinosaur protagonist, Gwango.

These were a lot of fun to make, and some were pretty friggin' complicated, but it was an excellent challenge. I feel like I really need to push my work otherwise I'll get stuck in a rut of what I like to make, as opposed to what I can make. So, yeah, if you wanna give me a challenge, draw me something and I'll try to turn it into a plush.

I also finished my sketchbook, so I'll scan some stuff and post that soon, too. But for now, here's a picture from my christmas trip to San Diego/Temecula/Palm Springs. If this doesn't scream awesome Christmas vacation, I don't know what does.


mclean said...

Oh boy, that 2nd one looks like a maniac. How's life, Trish?

bees said...

That little brown thing is pretty amazing trish, pretty god damn amazing.