Monday, December 22, 2008

Goodbye 2008.

More plush, just in time for the holidays. I'm rolling out tomorrow for "T-Town" (Thanks to Kevin) and a fabulous Christmas away from the city of (Homeless) Angels, thus, I won't be updating the rest of the week. But I will be making things, so the new year should bring plenty of plush and sketchbooky goodness.

In other news: Today was our second trip to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno (I swear to all that is holy that man only has one outfit, and it is ALL DENIM) to premiere our newest short, 2008's Year in Review. It's got a unique style, very dirty and cut-up, I enjoy it quite a bit. Everyone at JJ worked their butts off on it, so you should check it out somewhere around...

Oh yeah, and the guest was Robin Williams. I'm pretty sure he's actually insane. But he dances, so that's okay.

P.S. I can't believe another year has rolled by! Crazy!

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Cateris said...

Hello! Thank you for le comment. P.S., I got your Xmas card, I was going to send one back but then all of a sudden it was the 22nd and I had to pack. Like whoa.
Anywhoo, love the tone-on-tone plushies. Cya!