Tuesday, December 16, 2008

we'll high five all our cares away!

So, went to the Aquabats L.A. Holiday Concert last Friday and it was awesome. [You are so jealous, I know. ] There were monsters, pool toys, dancing, singing, jumping around like idiots, and a ton of super nice people everywhere. I wish the whole world was filled with Cadets, because they are always super nice. Plus, they played Super Rad, and everyone in the known universe sang along, which was just awesome.

I haven't been to a show since I was like, 17 or something ridiculous like that, so it was nice to not be an 23-year-old super granny homebody for one night.

Other than that, I'm back to updating the store before I go out of town for ze christmas-themed holidays. Expect cupcakes, elephants, and other things of that nature, because they are fun to make.

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Sarah Watts said...

That sounds like a blast! Awesome sketchbook stuff too.