Thursday, October 15, 2009

PlushYou online/ 200th post!

Me and Frank the Bigfoot at the show. In the top left, you can see the plush I purchased! He has antlers!

So, my pieces for the PlushYou! show are available online, in case you'd like to purchase one of them. Geoff the Giant Squid and Frank the Bigfoot! They don't have any info up on the site, but they're both made of felt, hand-sewn by me, and stuffed with polyful. The squid is gi-normous, at 3 feet long, and the Bigfoot is a around 18 inches tall.

I'll also be making some more deer girls (and bunny/cat/fox girls) over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. (Or just open, because peeled is something you do to a banana, not so much your eyeballs.)

Oh, and we're off to APE tomorrow! I'll be hanging around the Goblin-Fish Press table, in case ya wanna seeeee me.


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Erin McGuire said...

Awesome :) What a classy bigfoot.