Thursday, December 9, 2010

moar polaroids that arent polaroids

The word polaroid is really like the word bandaid. It's an instant photograph/adhesive bandage, but we know it best by its brand name. Anyway, on with the show. Took a whole slew of pictures over the weekend, so here ya go, all... right in a group-style.

I went hiking with friends in Arcadia (waterfall, mountains), and took pictures of the puppy-slug hybrides (seals) in La Jolla. Beautiful place, La Jolla. Dr. Suess lived there, they even have trees that look like his truffula trees from the Lorax. There's also pictures of me that Justin took, and the start of a portrait project I'm working on. The idea is that people will have their picture taken making a face that they think is them. Uniquely them. Justin & Oliver were tests to see what lighting and distances work best.

Anywho, more pictures soon!

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Kelly f said...

I love these. I hope one day you make a large installation piece with hundreds of photographs like these.