Wednesday, December 29, 2010

evolution of a sketchbook Part 1

I've been working pretty steady on my book for The Sketchbook Project, so hooray! Sketchbooks, even though I keep like, at least 2-3 at any one time, are pretty difficult for me to be fully done with. I usually have to just do the last page, shut it, and put it away, otherwise I will noodle the hell out of it for the rest of eternity.

I've had this sketchbook for a few months now, and decided to post some of the old versions with their new re-worked versions below them, so you could see a little bit of how I'm constantly going back into pages. Sometimes it's just another scrap of paper, another bit of color, another piece of tape, and then I can finally let it go.

I will post all the spreads I have done so far (there's like 10 or twelve) tomorrow. Only 5 pages left!

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Rob Chandler said...

I really dig the before and after bit of this. I frequently want to do this when I'm working on/posting things