Thursday, December 30, 2010

we'll always have paris, and this sketchbook

So here I am, updating! Two days in a row! I promise I'll update more in 2011, although I think I did alright this year.

Here's my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project, in all it's almost-done glory!

The Cover

Page 1 - Giraffes Don't Make Good Pets

Spread 1 - Battle for Los Angeles

Spread 2- That Gape is Reversible

Spread 3- Her Stuff Don't Stink

Spread 4- The Cat's Meow

Spread 5- Don't Take Good Vibes, Little Bear

Spread 6- Girl is a Black Bear Skull

Spread 7- Make Some Noise

Spread 8- Please, Girl.

Spread 9- Unexpected Payment for Clean Dishes

Spread 10- LUKE, I'm Not Your Father

The later spreads are still in limbo, which you can probably tell, but it's nearly there! (Or it better be, since it's due in two weeks!) Til then, adieu!

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