Sunday, September 14, 2008

speech bubbles

Just some new stuff I've been working on in the like, 4 hours I have between getting home from work and going back the next day. (It's not actually four hours, but it feels like it most of the time.) Josh and I went to the secret art store yesterday too. In case you're wondering, it's secret because you don't see it until you're driving past it and your passenger goes "ART! ART!" like some sort of demented trained seal. But Mittel's is awesome, its like a really good (and much cheaper) Art & Frame for those of you still rockin' the SRQ. Plus it has tons of stuff that A&F wouldn't carry (i.e.: letraset letters, and their own brand of moleskine.)

Oh yeah, and I apologize for this blog becoming more blog and less art, lately at least, but I'm all graduated and stuff, so it can be whatever it is now. If you come here looking for art, well, you get rambling too. Sucks to be you.

Recent news: JibJab is going to DISNEYLAND next month! Yeah, how totally jealous are you? Disneyland + some of the coolest people I've ever had the extreme fortune to work with = jealousy for everyone else in the world. I'm super pumped (as if you couldn't tell.) I'm on the fence about bringing a sketchbook this time though, since I was just there, I'd be super less focused on getting on tons of rides, and it would be cool to sketch in Tomorrowland for awhile as a break. Retro 60's space architecture for the win.

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