Sunday, September 28, 2008


Some new stuff I've just finished working on plush-wise. There's also an orange dinosaur, minus the cute spots. I want to make like, fifty of these things- they're so f-ing cute! The only problem is they take like twice as long to make because I can't just eyeball the proportions like I usually do... bummer. I'm going to make some with stripes, and some with four legs (and one with both, possibly) soon, so be on the lookout if you're big on the dino-front.

ALSO, speaking of dinosaurs- watched the last two Jurassic Parks with some friends this weekend. You had to take a drink every time something stupid happened in the third movie, and let's just say I ran out of beer before we ran out of movie! I also drank my first beer! My cheeks get super red when I drink beer, I found. Damn this sweet Irish skin! So beautiful, so deadly... so... easy to blush!

P.S. We named the octopus Jimmy Eight Fingers, despite him only have five. Yay for counting.


Ben Zweifel said...

I like the dinos, cute little feets.

bees said...

Oh man, cute little dinos... awesome trish

And about Jurassic Park III... yeah. You could have played that with the second one too and easily been out of beer before you were out of that movie also.

sarah said...

Stupid cute indeed! I Love them!

Anonymous said...

Yay cute stupidity... wait.