Sunday, September 21, 2008

waiting for you.

So the carnival never happened. We drove by, but Josh thought we'd look like pedophiles (did I mention the carnival was at a Catholic Church?), so we went to the bookstore instead. I got a book called "Vintage LA" so now I wanna go to all the cool places around town.

It's a fish. Duh. I've kind of had feeeesh on the brain lately, as I contemplate my Halloween costume.

Also, this is the most fantastic song/cover/video I've ever seen:

The Killers covering Joy Division's "Shadowplay", the video is interspersed with scenes from the biopic Control and the band looking all creepy and awesome. Fucking brilliant. I'm watching the movie sometime in the coming weeks.


AHhh-nna said...

1.) Your cat is freaking huge. And adorable.
2.) I want all these keychains
3.) I also want speech bubbles at all times possible. Especially one that says Jigga Wha?
p.s. Hi!

sarah said...

Thought you would enjoy these.xoxo

justinpatrickparpan said...

Is that felty fish a Trish Fish, or just an everyday average fish? Cause my key chain collection just a happens to be in the market for such a creature. Also, I seriously love those High School Musical Postables! Where might I be able to purchase those wonderful marvels of the starring you technology?