Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"i'm a sincere person..."

Note: Anytime you need to remind someone you are a sincere person, you aren't. Gagggg, Top Design is such a garbage show.

Anyhoot, a zombie lady for the new month/season. The cool kids at work are finishing up our zombie video (which features me and some of my fantastic co-workers dancing the Macarena) so I was in a festive zombie mood tonight. Plus, I haven't sewn anything in a few days (burned out) and decided to draw something on the computer. But now I must retire for the night for fear I'll be a zombie at work tomorrow, so goodnight!


justinpatrickparpan said...

This is so awesome Trish! Does this means there's two monster designers at JibJab now? I have to admit I'm a little threatened and think a duel might be in order. You and me, tomorrow, in the hall with the weird neon tubing!!!


Ben Zweifel said...

More drool. Gotta say, that is a very cool drawing.

Nila Curry said...

s.i.m.p.l.y...... amzing!