Sunday, July 12, 2009

oh hi there, bear

Been inspired to work on some new plush designs, and thus, some new products. To avoid getting bored, I've decided to develop some different things. This is a stationary test I worked on this weekend- might have it shaped up in time for craft shows later this year.

It's super simple right now, but any thoughts?


McLean Kendree said...

I like your bear! I think this is exactly the way to go to make a few extra bucks at conventions and stuff, little items that people can shell out $3 or whatever for. Its also cute by itself without any ulterior motive.

Kelly f said...

Holy crap! That is by far something that you need to make more of! Letter sets are the shit and if you keep making em, the cash will start a flowing. This one is super cute! I liek.