Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Hey all! So I'll be at Comic-Con for the rest of this lovely week, joining my friends at the Goblin-Fish Press booth in the exhibitors section! If you're hitting up the Con, you should definitely stop by.

The boys of GFP have some FANTASTIC new products including buttons, 2 new beautiful postcard sets, 3 new monster prints from Justin, and a screen-print from Josh (with green sparkly metallic ink!) There's also many great prints, both old and new, books, puzzles, and magnets. Whew.

Also, I'll be there, in all my 5-foot-2-and-a-half-inch glory, so there really isn't anything holding you back, now is there? (There also might be a Bigfoot or two lurking around, so keep your eyes peeled! They're elusive!)

Hope to see you there! And if you have a booth, or want to meet up, leave a comment and I'll be sure to swing by!

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