Wednesday, July 15, 2009

familiar face in Harry Potter

One of the perks of working at JibJab is when you are loyal to a super nerdy fandom, our resident movie parody whiz, Dave, will add your head to it. Obviously, I have a great love for Harry Potter, so he actually designed our Harry Potter parody postable with my head in mind as the Lady Who Lived. He also adds a ton of sweet little details, so look closely!

A screenshot of the original postable before I added the ghost heads. That's Alex in the original.

Since I loved it so much, I actually took the time to ghost (what we call the process of blanking a face and adding the ? to it) my face and another former co-worker, Mike Rianda, and put us in the JibJab head system for postables. The fine fella in the back is another co-worker, Dan Milano.

To see the original in all its Potterific glory, or to customize your own Harry Potter parody, click here!


elizabeth said...

Haha!!! This is great!

Anonymous said...

OMG! That's awesome!