Wednesday, June 10, 2009

terrible yellow eyes / updates..?

This is something so cool, I could spend all morning looking at the pieces:

If you're excited about the upcoming movie, then here's a sweet fix. As an added bonus, a few of my friends have pieces on there- look out for Sarah Caterisano, Erin McGuire, Adam Volker, and Eric Bonhomme! If I'm not mistaken, you may find their blogs in my links sections, as well. Hoo-ha! They are all crazy amounts of talented.

Anyway, I was GOING to update with some photos from the show last Saturday, but my printer isn't reading my card. :( So here's some photos of other stuff.

Yeah, it's dinosaurs. Alas. Photos from the show soon, I promise.

EDIT: Here's those photos I was yammering about. More on my FB, if you're mah friend there. Considering the clouds-rain-heat-intense sun that happened (in that order) we did pretty alright. I'll be posting some of the plushies that were not adopted on my etsy in the coming days.

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