Thursday, June 4, 2009


Some fruits, a pic I'm rather fond of taken at Vista Point near Palm Springs, and a reminder to come see me at the Handmade Brigade this Saturday! 10Am-4PM! Cerritos, CA! I can promise lots of fun, lots of sunshine, and lots of plush!

We also have these. If there's any left, I'll put a set or two up in the store!:


Lauren Hurtgen said...

Hey, Trish!
YEY! It's neat to finally "meet" (or more like, "see") you :D Great pic! Adorable plush! And...those buttons are so cute! ESPECIALLY your Yeti one! Have fun and Good Luck Sat! Wish I could be there! HUGS! :)
Lauren, Stuart, and Kim! LOL! :)

Watts said...

Everything looks bad to the bone Trish! You guys are gonna rock that show.