Tuesday, June 16, 2009

huge massive so big it'll make you cry

Oh hai.

Sooooo... I've been turbo busy, and also turbo away from my sweet Mac to update anything and everything, including this blog AND my etsy store, so apologies. I'm currently updating the store with some food plush, and some monsters will go up soon, and maybe even a monkey or panda. Who knows, I'm just so wild and unpredictable these days. But here we go, anyway!

Here's some sweet JibJab Father's Day content I created recently. It took varies degrees of time/talent to make them. Woot.

In other news, I was mentioned in Perspectives magazine- whoo hoo. (Ringling is proud of me for snagging a job?) Also, my super cool friend Lindsay has an article about her/her art which is a good read with great visuals. Shawn Barber, Francis, Haylee, and Trey also have pretty sweet articles in there. And the re-design is pretty classy, go Ringling. Bah, it's so late, and I'm babbling. More soon, though! Promise.

P.S. I updated my etsy, like I was saying, and you can find it here: Store!

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