Thursday, June 26, 2008

on the road, almost

So Ben, Oliver, and myself are rolling out onto the open road come 3am. Oliver is doing good- he hates his harness, but loves his kitty downers (tuna flavored!) My official start date is July 14th, so we're all packed up and such and ready to go. Our moving pod left yesterday for california-land. We were supposed to leave today, however we got being in cleaning, and I cut my foot on a table, so we decided to give it another day.

I'll update soon with photos on the road. My main goal is to get one of Ben, Oliver and me in front of the World's Largest _____ Something. I also have some crazy old photos I found of my mom and dad that I'll post here once I get all settled in Venice. Hope everyone is doing well! Update your blogs!

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Anonymous said...

Doping your cat is always the best way to go.