Monday, June 2, 2008

all smiles

SOOOO... I'm flying out to California on the 10th and to say I am excited would be like saying... something really understated. Because I am PSYCHED! It's gonna be so much fun, and I'm gonna get to meet all the JibJabbers (other than Evan, who I met at Ringling.) AND ITS GONNA BE AWESOME!

Plus, nothing can be the continental breakfast that hotels offer. Seriously. I love them.

Other than that, things are good. We're almost done with the house- got two more walls and four more plants to take care of, and then we're good to go. There's a "caravan" coming around later this month to show off the houses around here and do an open house thing, so hopefully the house looks a little sweeter to buyers.

Oliver is doing well- he's definitely losing weight with his new food. I think he's like 17 pounds now, instead of 20. :) He's also 7 now, his birthday was yesterday, so he's a old geezer butt. He's seriously the best cat ever- I find that shelter animals are always better than those breeder ones, they have such a willingness to love-love-love everyone. Even Ben, who scares him sometimes because he bounces around on the couches.

Oh, and I'm back into my sketchbooks, and made a new plush, so I will edit this post later with some eye candy. Word.

I hope everyone is doing well!! Oh, and I changed my phone number, so if you want it, just contact me on facebook or email and I'll send it to you.


Cateris said...

JibJab's flying you up??? SWEET!!! just an interview or did they offer something or apprenticeship or joblike thing or what? tellmetellme.
i'm excited for you.
And if we both get those jobs, um.. where exactly is it? Cause like I'm moving to L.A...... sweet.

Sarah Watts said...

Hey you! Are you back from California yet?? I want to know how it went homedawg. I'm very happy for you, hope all is well! P.S. If you and Sarah end up on the west coast, that would be awesome, we could play red rover with the east and west, that was lame.