Saturday, June 14, 2008

greetings, from california!

So I got back Thursday from my grand adventure to California. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. And I'm so excited to be moving out there! Here's some photos from my phone/camera from Santa Monica and Venice (where JibJab is.)

Farmer's market at the Third Street Promenade. It's one of the many in town- they have one down by JibJab in Venice on the weekend- but at this one I got the best croissants I have EVER TASTED. Buttery-deliciousness.

Street in Santa Monica- very clean, and easy to navigate. I walked around for about 2 hours and it was beautiful.

City Hall in Santa Monica.

Cool bowling sign.

Chess tables out on the beach by Santa Monica Pier. There was a homeless guy snoring at one of them.

The carousel house/store at the Pier.

The WORLD FAMOUS Santa Monica Pier. Bubba Gump Shrimp! Very very cool place. The ferris wheel likes up at night. :)

Two views from the bridge over Santa Monica Pier.

The view from outside my hotel. :D! It was right by the beach, so you just had to walk across a little mini park and you could see the Pier. It's this way --->

A street by my hotel. The palm trees are gi-normous there! Like 60 or 70 feet tall! Palms on crack!

The ferris wheel and the coaster. They have a bunch of carnival games and other stuff, too.

The beach- "Muscle Beach" where they have all this permanent workout equipment. Lots of people jogging and biking and doing yoga and stuff. Lots of dogs, too. It was very nice out, like 65 degrees, so pretty much the perfect weather.

Theres some other pictures too, but I cant find them right now, so I'll post them later! I hope everyone is doing well. :)


Cateris said...

Nickelodeon cancelled the apprenticeship.

Sarah Watts said...

That place looks awesome Trish!

Jessica Lozano said...

wonder what the water's like...

Kelly f said...

Super cool! I'm glad you finally posted pictures..

oh and i have an account here now (with a last-minute thrown together layout and 1 post! XD)