Thursday, May 22, 2008

i like those, too

So, more updates without any art, sorry!

Ben and I have started the super-ambitious project of fixing up my dad's house for staging/selling. To make a house look nice when it's being shown to buyers, that's called "staging". How do I know this? Because I watch a RIDICULOUS amount of HGTV. So, we've been repainting the inside walls (a less nasty color that isn't peach, gah!) and the outside bits that needed it, as well as a bit of landscaping- all out of my pocket because I'm the best daughter ever. (He's going to pay me back for the supplies, but he's getting the labor like DIRT cheap, no pun intended.) We're hoping this does it, since Saint Joseph really screwed the pooch on this one.

Also, I drew a one-armed boy yesterday saying "oh SNAP". I think it reminds me of Josh. Also, my cat is no longer smelly. What? You didn't know I got a cat? Well, I did. Ben and I adopted him and week and a half ago and he is beau-ti-ful. But fat. Nearly 20 pounds. He has a giant pooch as an underbelly.

Other than that (unfortunately) there is nothing to report. Perhaps soon!


Josh Burch said...

all things that remind people of me are instantly awesome

emcguire said...

We had to put our kitties on a diet, like half a cup of food a day. They whine a lot but they have lost some weight. Good luck, hope you guys are well :]

Sarah Watts said...

Ha ha I hought yu and Ben were married from your facebook.. My bad. I am in Atlanta going to an internship at Carters. Are you doing swell?