Thursday, May 1, 2008

sensual seduction

So, I think some 'hooray's are in order for myself and the rest of the Ringling College class of 2008 (or 3008, depending on your level of in-toxicity.) Tomorrow is GRADUATION DAY for us, and I am beyond excited. I'm probably going to trip or something crossing the stage, or go the wrong way exiting like I did in high school... but oh well, I EARNED THAT DAMN TASSEL, DAMNIT. I'm hoping the diploma that pops up in my mail in a few weeks as honors on it- I have worked my butt off this semester to earn that piece of paper.

Last night was the cruise, and the night before the Senior buffet- both were good. The boat was loud, but oddly relaxing. The buffet was silly and fun. Oh, and I'll post some pictures from my portfolio show sometime soon, they're all on Ben's computer right now.

In other news, I'm spending some of my graduation presents (monies!) on a digital sewing machine. My dad and grandmother thought it was a great idea, so I can really start to expand my etsy store with some better quality plush creatures. I am very excited to finally upgrade- I can finally do some embroidery stuff, too!

Oh yes, and tonight we're seeing IRON MAN, so that's gonna be pretty much amazing. We're all going as a group... it'll be a nice ending to Ringling-time, hanging out with the people I've had some of the best times of my life with. Plus, Robert Downey, Jr. <3<3<3

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