Thursday, May 8, 2008

updates on your updates

Since leaving Ringling, the interwebs have been few and far between. We sneak into Panera to steal their wifi because my house no longer has an internet or phone connection. It's been so bad, Ben and I got blackberry's just so we could check our email.

It looks like I won't have any significant updates until I have a job/house/thinger, so ...yeah.

I did get the sewing machine though, and I'm currently working on making a patterned cat. He's going to be big, about the size of my crammedorganisms plushies. Hopefully I can get some things into my etsy soon, too.

Oh yeah, and Iron Man was everything we hoped it would be and more. (Can you say Sam Jackson as Nick Fury? Hell yes.)

1 comment:

Sarah Watts said...

I dig the new plushies. They are getting more intricate and strange. Also, congrats on you and Ben. Much love.