Wednesday, September 30, 2009

baby jesus in the hiz-ouse

So, a few mid-week updates are in order, I think.

Here's a ladybug I needle-felted a few weeks back, as a replacement gift for Sarah and Erin, whose Scott C. buttons got stolen by greedy mailmen. This time I taped the envelopes shut, and put a warning: Stealing makes Baby Jesus cry. Both ladybugs arrived intact. So, a shout-out to my homie Baby Jesus for helpin' make that happen.

And now, for the Weirdest Thing I've Seen All Week, technically Last Week:

One of our new favorite friends over at!

And on a special WTF ALERT: The Cleveland Show is awful. Flat-out awful. They took the least funny character on Family Guy and gave him his own show, with ANTROPOMORPHIC BEARS as his new next-door neighbors. And they have Greek accents. WTF.

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Erin McGuire said...

I love my ladybug :) I am trying to find a Ginny proof place so she doesn't eat it. Thank you Trish!