Sunday, November 23, 2008

yay for christmas... in november!

So here's some of the Christmas content I worked on for JibJab. To work in a business where you're creating content for holidays that are weeks (sometimes months) away is very weird, to say the least. We're on v-day content now, and I wish I could show you some of the sweet stuff I'm making, but, alas, that's at least a few weeks coming.

Also, launched about a week ago, and people are already going nuts over it. (And by nuts, I mean posting the most ridiculous stuff over at YouTube. I believe that's two people with their THREE FERRETS as elves.) If you saw it last year, then you'll probably be pretty surprised this year-- JibJab took it over, and now there's four dances to choose from. My Aunt put my cousins in the disco one (yes, disco-dancing elves.) It's equal parts awesome and disturbing.

So, yeah, hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving break this coming week, I know I could use a 4-day weekend.


Cateris said...

Heeey, your holiday card is rad. Love the colors. :)

Jessica Lozano said...

that top one totally looks like a page from your sketchbook.