Wednesday, November 5, 2008

in the belly of a giant whale

So, I finally got the compilation book from the Crammed Organisms show back in June. It only took 4 months, but whatevs. One of my plush pals was badly injured on the way back to me, his horn has fallen into disrepair, so I have to figure something out for that, but otherwise they arrived unscathed. They will most likely be going up in my Etsy in the coming days.

Anyway, that's (somewhat bad) shots of the cover, with a closeup marking my two plushies, Aldous and the CupCake Girl (woot!) that helped inspire the cover by KillTaupe, and then the two interior pages with my work. Overall, I think the book could have been better designed, but I guess if he was in a rush... and there was a lot of content to include... it was okay. I'm not sure if I'll participate next season, it became much more of a hassle than a reward.

I've also been working on a giant order for the Ringling Alumni Store, so if you're there, make sure you check it out. I got lots and lots of goodies coming their way.

And there's even more stuff to come, soooo... stay tuned!

P.S. OBAMA!!!! Last night was amazing and historic and I cried during his speech and it was fantastic! <3

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sarah said...

Your little dudes look awesome in this book too!