Monday, November 3, 2008


Sooo... I've been crazy busy lately, and while I've still been (somehow) able to juggle work-life-plushies, it's been a little bit on the crazy side. This weekend I took off for San Francisco to visit Jessica and such. It was an amazingly good time, so much so that I felt bad for the kinda terrible time she had here a few weeks ago. I saw a great deal of the city (blurry pictures soon) including the Academy of the Sciences/museum thinger, Golden Gate Park (+buffalo), and Haight/Ashberry (yay for music and toys.)

On Sunday we hit up APE (alternative press expo) and saw some nice goodies from some very fine folks. If you're trying to picture it in your mind, it's a ton smaller than MegaCon (if you went to that last year) and pretty much just tables, minus the fun extra stuff like Rock Band and such. But I got christmas presents for some people, and I (finally) got to meet Justin's immensely talented brother Josh. If you frequent the JibJab site for halloween things (WHO DOESN'T?!) then you will catch two of his pieces there, as well as on his blog. Good times were had by all. (Or else!)

Ummmm.... other than that, the collage class is going achingly slow, but I'm optimistic. It feels like freshmen year, but at least I can get a grandma-worthy christmas present out of it. Maybe even something for Dad's new apartment... Hooray for tack-tastic wall art?

Plush pictures soon, along with other happenings. I PROMISE.

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