Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Finn, Rico, and Freddy

Rico, Freddy, and Finn, three tiki dudes on a mission to be Awesome. Developed these over the last few weeks. Probably going to do a big version (these are about 8 inches tall) for PlushYou! LA at Munky King in October. Should be super colorful and possibly, quite rad. Who knows?

Since I magically lost both my HD memory card AND reader for my rebel, you're stuck with shitty photobooth pics from my Mac. Sorry.

In other newst, I've been sketching and collaging in multiple sketchbooks. I'll post that stuff soonishly, too, if I don't get too busy. And by busy, I mean forget completely. Also, I'm working on a HALLOWEEN COSTUME IN JULY (because I'm crazy) and this year I'm going as Velma Dinkley, from Scooby-Doo.

I've always had a soft spot for Velma, because she's basically the secretly sexy nerd girl we all want to be, AMIRITE? Plus she's one of the few characters in the history of animation that is, ahem, short and wears glasses (otherwise she is practically blind), JUST LIKE ME. Maureen is going as Daphne Blake, so if anyone wants to complete our set (Freddy? Shaggy? Maybe even a makeshift Scoobert?) feel free. We're gonna nerd it up.

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Anonymous said...

These tiki dudes are awesome, Trish! I love how you are getting more elaborate and detailed with them and that you'e still able to maintain the simplicity of the shapes. Great stuff!