Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Weird Al released starring... JJ employees!

One of the perks, again, of working for JibJab is being a ready-to-use actor. This video in particular is super awesome because not only is there a StarringYou! version on our site, but we're baked into the actual video!!

One of our animators, Mike! All fear the CNR.

Devin is broken! He was also the body-double for Charles Nelson Reilly!

Alan and Andy are dead bodies.

I was swallowed whole whilst driving about town...

Alan was just munching on a sub, and BAM! LASERS!

And Devin, Dave, and Justin all run for their lives!

I also worked as the body double for Meg White. EDIT: (I'm drumming, they put Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz' head on my body.) Thanks @algonacchick for the info!

And here's an animated GIF I made, woot.
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Fantastic post, so interesting to see behind the scenes