Wednesday, August 26, 2009

felt like lurve

One of Justin's toys- I got my new camera, so I was practicing taking pictures. It's a sea monster hopper guy!

Dino par-tay. I'm trying to get that depth of field bizness going.

Cool spider we saw outside Justin's apartment complex. He was very hard to shoot, as the camera wanted to autofocus on the plant behind him.

This is Bilius Ballsworth Ballington- my first needle-felted friend. He's a cardinal- I got a kit on needle-felting from fancytiger on Etsy.

This is old, but not old-old. It's a plush I made for a co-worker of her husband (who is also a co-worker). I haven't made a ton of dolls, and my first try at him turned out something close to HORRIBLE, so I completely restarted, and decided to stylize him more. Realistic dolls, in my opinion, just end up in that uncanny valley realm where it's just creep-tastic. So yeah.

More pictures soon, and expect some fabric owls up in the store today/tonight!

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momo said...

LURVE LURVE LURVE the photos...owls on a couch--classic.