Wednesday, April 2, 2008

sick girl takes day off- mayor says "whoa."

So there's like 3 and half weeks left of schoolCOLLEGE and I'm just trying to get everything in the clear before it's graduation time. I have a website due Monday, then another due Tuesday, and I'm sick with god-knows-what, so it's been a pretty fantastic week so far. I did get an interview with ReelFX (and a free tshirt- note to recruiters: bring swag, we love you long time) but I was all feverish and gross in it, so if they remember me, it will be because I probably looked like I was going to faint. Seems like they're only hiring CA's right now, but I'm going apply for their apprentice program and see how that goes.

Here's some recent work, though.

Work in progress of the re-vamped Humane Society website. You can find the original site in all it's super-fugley glory right HERE.

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emcguire said...

but your hssc site doesn't have an animated cat gif pawing the screen continuously!