Tuesday, April 8, 2008

don't expect the cat back in

The New Site!

There's only a few rollovers, and only 3 pages right now, but I plan on really pimping it out after today since it's our last project. and I only have this one, and my creature feature font to "perfect" and then I will be done with Graphic Design classes for the next... well, few weeks, at least (I hope.) Tomorrow I have the Machines website due, and then, um... commencement program? Then nothing. I turn in my portfolio/business card/resume for inspection on Thursday and then it's just smooth sailing until portfolio night April 25th.

p.s. You should go to that. Because it will be AWESOME.

In other news, I'm 0/4 for BOR, but honestly- knew that was gonna happen. I'm more excited about our portfolio show to be honest, now that I know what's gonna be in BOR. The good part of submitting though was I got my Youngblood poster printed (FOR FREEEEEE) and that- I get to keep!

I also have a collab project with Mz. Felicia coming up. "HUGS NOT DRUGS." More work to come soon.

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Cateris said...

Coooool site. You rock. :)