Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I haven't been updating this much, mainly because I've been a unique combination of busy and lazy (my usual excuse, I know.) But! I have still been making things, both of plushy-types and drawing-types, and I will scan/photograph those soon. I promise. Sort of.

In other news, I got an instant camera (fujifilm still makes them) yesterday and I took some photos. Yay. I've also been listening to Andrew Bird a lot, specifically Noble Beast, so that's a double rainbow of yay. (He wears lots of vests and suity things, it makes me smile. More boys should dress like that.)

Here's Justin & Mike, a too-serious portrait of me, and Sammy the Office Pug.

Love of hate acts as an axis.
Love of hate acts as an axis.
First it wanes, and then it waxes.
(So procreate and pay your taxes.)

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