Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Munky King & PlushYou!LA

So, PlushYou!LA was a big hit! Justin & I went to the opening last Thursday at Munky King, which is a super cool little gallery down on Melrose. I was one of only 65 artists from around the world that was chosen for the show. It was super awesome to be able to be apart of a show in town that celebrates plush.

Here's an article about the show. You can see my dudes at the bottom there in the gallery slideshow.

If you were interested in seeing what is still up for grabs, you can check out Munky King's gallery/shop right here. There's a lot of variety, so check it out!

In other news, Justin and I are off to Washington, DC tonight for the Labor Day weekend. We'll be visiting lots of museums, monuments, and memorials, gettin' our history on. Hope everyone else has a wonderful extended weekend, and I'll post pictures soon of our adventures!

P.S. Tiki Con was great, I sold some miniature tiki guys. I also have some available in my store.

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