Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the living desert

So, I missed my second post last week because I got sucked into the 3-day weekend. My apologies. But, hopefully these make up for it.

We went to Palm Springs for Valentine's Day weekend, and ended up at this outdoor zoo called The Living Desert. It's really awesome and I took a ton of photos. We ended up naming most of the birds, the owl pictured is named Skinny Johnny, and he has a girlfriend named Beatrix. There were some other ones... Phillip, Ethan Frome... I think one was named Poop... It was a lovely time.

There was also a petting zoo part- and we met some very interesting farm animals. This is a devil goat, and a very frisky sheep. More photos to come on my facebook. (And I think I'm contemplating a flickr? I don't know if I take enough photos to warrant having one, though...)

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